The Team

Neel Patel

Co-Founder and CEO

Over the years, I've heard many stories from my mom, a 25-year water industry veteran, regarding the challenges involved in running a water system. Underfunded infrastructure, emergency repairs, and staffing shortages are not what comes to mind when customers turn a tap, but safe water is only possible through the efforts and expertise of countless water operators. After spending years in technology and finance, I was ready to apply my skills to society's most essential industry. We're here to help and look forward to providing the best product and strongest service possible.

Aaron Rosenberg

Co-Founder and CTO

Aaron has over a decade of experience writing software and building teams of software engineers. He is thrilled to apply these honed technical skills and focused attention to detail to create easy to use software that makes providing clean safe water more efficient. Through the automating of tasks computers are good at, operators will have more opportunities to serve their community's needs.

Matt Lewis

Founding Engineer

Matt has devoted his entire 15 year career to developing and improving the systems that people rely upon-- previously, in education, workforce management, and logistics. He is excited now to join the many hardworking water operators in providing clean, safe water to their communities.

Megan Ring

Founding Engineer

Megan joins Aquaduct with experience from several early stage startups. Most recently she was at BuildingConnected, acquired by Autodesk, where she advanced the bidding and risk modeling process in the construction industry both as a software developer and engineering manager. Her previous career as an architect and growing up in a water-challenged state, inspire her deep interest in water and public services infrastructure.


Just Do It

We maintain a bias toward action

  • Have an idea? — do it!
  • Want to lead something? — take it!
  • See a problem? — fix it!

Deliberate Authentic Communication

We are straightforward and honest

  • Every voice matters and will be heard.
  • Listen to understand, ask questions to comprehend.
  • We all benefit when everyone understands the priorities. If everything is equally important, we cannot move or deliver value quickly.

Single Source of Truth

Discoverable documentation drives success

  • Prioritize transparency and self-service.
  • Utilize and share best practices and share conventions.
  • Put things in writing and in public from the start. This keeps us on the same page and invites new ideas.

Stay Humble, Stay Scrappy

We celebrate wins and do not rest on our laurels

  • Respect the expertise of our customers, the strength of our competitors, and the truths of empirical data.
  • We are not owed anything. Learn from and shake off failures to forge ahead.
  • We are not inherently better or smarter. Our dedication and open mindedness shape our success.