The world of water and wastewater is changing rapidly…

Droughts, storms, and evolving environmental hazards
Rapidly aging workforce and coming "silver tsunami" of retirements
New regulations and emerging contaminants

Aqueduct is your blueprint for preserving the data, knowledge, and expertise you need to be ready for the future.

Ensuring safe and reliable water and wastewater service is a responsibility that requires constant monitoring and vigilance…producing mountains of information.
This information sits in silos and is tough to harness, and you don't know you need it until you can't find it.


  • Create Slack Capacity for Emergencies with More Efficient Operations
  • Generate Savings by Extending the Useful Life of Critical Infrastructure
  • Ensure Continuity in Your Utility's Institutional Knowledge
  • Train New Hires Faster and Reinforce Best Practices & SOPs
  • Showcase Your Operations to External Stakeholders and Secure the Resources You Need

Data Management Options

Intuitive, comprehensive system-of-record for the water industry


Cumbersome, outdated experience with a steep learning curve and tedious implementations

Excel and Outlook

Flexible, but not meant for cross-functional collaboration and requires constant upkeep and manual manipulation

Paperwork and Whiteboards

Simple, but hard to search and avoid errors. Paper gets lost, whiteboards get erased

How Do We Help?

Sample Scheduling

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated notifications and alerts

Water Quality Data Collection

Mobile friendly forms and templates for process control and water quality data collection

Recurring Maintenance

Convenient reminders and planning tools help you stay on top of preventative maintenance, extending asset life and generating savings

Work Orders

Organize, assign, and complete maintenance work orders on the go, from the same interface as your water quality management

Asset Database

Plan for the future with maintenance history, images, prior work orders, and other critical asset-level information

Coming Soon

SCADA & GIS Integrations

Dashboarding & Analytics

Reporting & Budgeting